Fort Gordon, Georgia, USA. Located just outside Augusta, Georgia, in the United States of America, Fort Gordon is a military installation that carries out the missions of and is home to the U.S. Army Signal Center, Southeast Regional Medical, Dental and Veterinary Commands, the only remaining Army Dental Laboratory, Army Medical and Dental Residency Programs, Dwight David Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Joint Strategic Intelligence Operations, Communications and Military Intelligence Tenant Units, U.S. Army Reserve/National Guard Training, U.S.A.F. Air Reserve heavy-drop training and Homeland Security Training.

What began as Camp Gordon in 1941 during World War II has grown to be the "Home of the Signal Corps". Fort Gordon, or Camp Gordon, as it was known in 1941, was initiated for infantry and armor training for World War II soldiers. Fifteen years later in 1956, Camp Gordon was designated Fort Gordon, making it a permanent military installation and giving a boost to the local economy in Augusta, Georgia and Columbia County, Georgia. During these 62 Years, the installation has undergone numerous reorganizations, but it is known around the world as the "Home of the Signal Corps."

The CSRA Alliance for Fort Gordon will play a vital role in helping defend the future of this military installation that is so critically important to the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA).

CSRA business leaders and elected officials came together on February 14, 2003 to form the Alliance, which will build on the strong bond that already exists between Fort Gordon and the communities surrounding it.

The primary purpose of the Alliance is to demonstrate the potential for Fort Gordon to grow existing missions and take on new missions. Additionally, the Alliance promotes economic development through partnerships capitalizing on the information technology, communications and medical expertise prominent at Fort Gordon.

We thank you for your interest in Fort Gordon and in the CSRA Alliance for Fort Gordon. Please feel free to browse our web-site to gain information about the CSRA Alliance for Fort Gordon. We invite you to join us to strengthen this valuable resource and to support Fort Gordon and this community however you can.