Allen: Fort Gordon project funds won’t go to border wall

Allen: Fort Gordon project funds won’t go to border wall

Fort Gordon won’t see construction funds for a new cyber instructional and network center diverted to build a border wall, the area’s Republican congressman confirmed Monday.

Two cyber-related construction projects at the Army base appeared on a list of hundreds of military appropriations at risk if President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration leads to those funds being diverted to build a wall at the Mexican border

The at-risk projects on a list circulated by Senate Democrats last month included the $99 million Cyber Instructional Facility and Network Center and the $90 million Cyber Protection Team Ops Facility.

On Monday, a spokesman for U.S. Rep. Rick Allen said that according to Department of Defense criteria, military construction contracts already awarded or with fiscal year 2019 award dates will not be affected by potential cuts for the wall.

The team ops facility was a fiscal year 2017 project that already was awarded. The instruction facility is also safe, with a bid award set for June and construction to begin in August, said Allen press secretary Carlton Norwood.

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