Army is making improvements to FRGs, now known as SFRGs

Army is making improvements to FRGs, now known as SFRGs

The Army recently made some of the most significant changes to Family Readiness Groups since their creation following the first Gulf War.

The groups have been re-named “Soldier and Family Readiness Groups” or SFRGs.

This designation links Soldier readiness to the family and clarifies the role of the SFRG to be more inclusive to Soldiers who are single, are single parents or have non-traditional families, said Steve Yearwood, program analyst for the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management.

The groups help ease the burden of home life, allowing Soldiers to focus on mission objectives, Yearwood said. He added the recent publication of Army Directive 2019-17 shifted the focus of SFRGs away from social activities and fundraising to a core and essential task of creating a network of communication and support for all Soldiers and family members to enable readiness.

The goals and objectives for commanders in executing the SFRG include: serve as an extension of the unit command in providing official and accurate command information to Soldiers and their families; connect Soldiers and families to the chain of command; connect SFRG members to available on-and off-post community resources, and offer a network of mutual support.

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