Census to Count Troops by Base Home Address

Census to Count Troops by Base Home Address

Census workers will be permitted to work their way through on-base housing to list service members both stateside and overseas as part of the 2020 Census, officials said Monday.

“We’ve been working with the Department of Defense to build a strong housing list for housing units included on military bases” to get an accurate count, Deirdre Bishop, chief of the geography division at the U.S. Census Bureau, said in a conference call.

That information will be used to determine how population-driven federal programs are implemented and to count voters for congressional redistricting. Troops stationed stateside will be counted as living where they are physically based, while those stationed overseas will be counted as residing at the last stateside location at which they lived.

How service members and their families are counted during the 2020 Census will not impact their official home of record or state residencies.

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