CIWT Det. Fort Gordon Supports Readiness and Lethality Through Cross Training

CIWT Det. Fort Gordon Supports Readiness and Lethality Through Cross Training

Across the Navy, cross-training initiatives support Navy readiness and lethality by better developing and preparing warfighters for the Navy the nation needs. One such initiative is happening now at the Center for Information Warfare Training (CIWT) Det. Fort Gordon.

CIWT Det. Fort Gordon cryptologic technician (collection) instructors are rigorously cross training with cryptologic technician (interpretive) and electronic technician instructors so all may teach components of the Apprentice Cryptologic Language Program (ACLP) and Satellite Communications (SATCOM) courses offered at CIWT Det. Fort Gordon.

While the seven cryptologic technician (collection) instructors at CIWT Det. Fort Gordon prepare for the arrival of two new courses slated to begin this year, they certified to instruct the portion of ACLP known as Introduction to Operational Cryptology (IOC), where students learn the fundamentals of Navy cryptology before they go on to complete 10 to 12 weeks of language training.

In the SATCOM division, collection instructors have been teaching a similar introductory course to electronic technician students. The Navy Principles course is the first annex of instruction in the Strategic Satellite Communications Maintenance program. It provides an introduction to the policies and procedures in the schoolhouse, as well as the timeline and roadmap for the course of instruction. Topics include satellite communication fundamentals, networking, multiplexing, signal flow, and terminal equipment.

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