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Congressman Wilson stops by N.A. on legislative goals tour

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Congressman Wilson stops by N.A. on legislative goals tour

By Lindsey Hodges of the Aiken Standard

U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., stopped in North Augusta at the Municipal Building – which he called “the world’s most beautiful city hall” – to give an update on his legislative agenda for 2018 during his district-wide tour Wednesday, Jan. 3.

Wilson mentioned the Riverside Village development, calling it a great example of South Carolina and Georgia working together.

“To see the vision that Lark [Jones] had and you’re following through,” Wilson said to North Augusta Mayor Bob Pettit. “The Riverfront – how exciting this is and to see the stadium – and every time I’m reading the newspaper about the expansions there and the jobs they’ve created, it really warms my heart to see what a positive community this is.”

“I’m thinking of President (Donald) Trump’s economic agenda: jobs, jobs, jobs,” he said about Riverside Village.

Wilson mentioned the recent tax bill passed and said in his lifetime, he has never seen a law have such an immediate positive effect.

“We see the fruition of this every day,” he said, mentioning announcements of businesses providing businesses for their employees.

He mentioned Fort Gordon and the cyber center.

“How important that’s going to be to this community, in terms of addressing the issues that are a threat to our country from cyber, and CRSA is going to be in the middle of it,” he said.

Wilson talked about the importance of the Savannah River Site, with the jobs it has created, as well as the missions there. He mentioned he is the only member of Congress who has ever worked at the Site.

“I had the opportunity to work there during the 1980s as an attorney, and so I know how valuable those missions are, and any way I can back them up, I’m going to do it,” he said.

After the conference, attendee Connie Boswell asked how the recently passed tax plan impacts her as a retiree and how it will affect Social Security and Medicare. Said she worked for AT&T for 35 years and worked very hard for her retirement.

“I moved eight times chasing it, and I can’t afford to owe what I’ve got,” she said.

Wilson responded saying the growing economy will make sure the funding is there, and said retirement accounts have been significantly enhanced.

“The good news is by growing the economy, we will be able to save Social Security and Medicare,” Wilson said.

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