Cyber celebrates 4 years, welcomes new branch

Cyber celebrates 4 years, welcomes new branch

The Cyber Corps held a dual purpose ceremony Sept. 28 outside Signal Tower celebrating its four-year anniversary and welcoming Electronic Warfare under the Cyber umbrella.

“I think it’s important to take some time to reflect on how much progress we’ve made as a branch over the past four years…and celebrate the exciting transition of Electronic Warfare into the Cyber Corps,” said Brig. Gen. Neil S. Hersey, Cyber School commandant and chief of the Cyber Corps.

During his remarks, Hersey discussed how electronic warfare has changed and adapted over the years, constantly evolving to combat in an ever-changing, ever-growing threat.

“Now the Army is calling on electronic warfare to evolve once again – reinvesting in readiness to counter near-peer adversaries,” he said.

“The future fight requires a fully integrated Cyber and Electromagnetic Activity, commonly known as CEMA, capability. As we field new integrated CEMA capability throughout the Army, we can harness the lethality of both the cyber and electronic warfare disciplines – we need to evolve together to compete in this new information environment.”

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