Cyber Center making impact in downtown Augusta

Cyber Center making impact in downtown Augusta

Interest in being near the Georgia Cyber Center is driving some of the renewed interest in downtown Augusta

Just six months after it opened its first building , the Georgia Cyber Center is helping drive renewed interest in other areas of downtown Augusta, officials said. Some of that business might come from tenants of the center itself.

Augusta University President Brooks Keel and others are planning for what the next phase of the center will be as they gauge their future needs. But some of those needs are more immediate and might not end up being met on the center’s campus – food, for instance.

“A definite need is just catering,” Keel said. “We’re having more and more events here from outside, and that is what we had hoped to be able to see. Businesses flock to this campus to take advantage of the virtual world we have here and the auditorium. But our kitchen space here is very small.”

Keel is hoping area businesses will want to provide those dining and retail services around the edges of the campus on Reynolds Street “so that the private community can take advantage of the economic development associated with that and we don’t have to use our very valuable land for those support services,” he said.

In the same vein, the university is hoping to find office space outside the Riverfront Campus, Keel said. There might be a need for housing at some point, and the university was encouraged by plans for the $94 million Riverfront at the Depot project, which would include housing as well as retail at the other end of Reynolds Street.

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