Cyber Command granted new, expanded authorities

Cyber Command granted new, expanded authorities

Under a new plan put in place late last year, the head of U.S. Cyber Command received expanded authorities, but Fifth Domain has learned Congress and the Department of Defense have considered further extending those powers.

The discussion, which included members of the Joint Staff, comes as Cyber Command is expected to become a full combatant command.

While Cyber Command is often thought of as replicating the constructs of Special Operations Command, the commander of USCYBERCOM — unlike the commander of SOCOM — did not possess the authority to move cyber forces around the globe.

Instead, the commander of SOCOM can move special operations forces around the world based on demands and particular theaters. With its global reach and small staff cells located at each geographic combatant command, SOCOM can be much more flexible to respond to threats around the world.

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