Cyber defenders are the real superheroes

Cyber defenders are the real superheroes

Soldier cyber defenders are training on a new toolset that will alert them to potential malicious activity traversing elements of the local tactical network.

The Tactical Defensive Cyberspace Operations (DCO) Infrastructure (TDI), which features a desktop dashboard alert, is the Program of Record that addresses local network threats at the tactical edge.

“Monitoring suspicious activity across the local network is far more challenging than monitoring these same activities across the enterprise, which is hard-wired, connected at all times and armed with multiple tools to defend it,” said Ari Nguyen, assistant product manager for TDI, Project Manager Mission Command (PMMC), assigned to Program Executive Office for Command, Control and Communications-Tactical (PEO C3T).

Downrange is another story — local S6 cyber defenders must set up their network conducive to their command post environment. If they require additional network cyber resources, such as computers, they may be face size, weight, and power restrictions, Nguyen said.

“The TDI toolset takes these limitations into consideration,” Nguyen said. “It will reside within the command post at Corps through Brigade for both organic cyber network defenders and it can be accessed remotely by Cyber Protection Teams in Fort Gordon, Georgia.”

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