Cyber Force Fights Training Shortfalls: NSA, IONs, & RIOT

Teams of cyber protection experts undergo an exercise to validate their ability to locate, defend and counter attacks targeted toward critical infrastructure, systems or platforms. Cyber Protection Teams, or CPTs, are mobile teams who travel to various locations to work on an issue or help protect a mission and the platforms associated with it. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Daniel Garcia)

Cyber Force Fights Training Shortfalls: NSA, IONs, & RIOT

The military’s new cyberspace force is working to overcome recruiting and retention shortfalls, training bottlenecks, and its dependence on the National Security Agency, officials told the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday.

These devils in the details are an inevitable part of standing up a new kind of force for a new kind of warfare, one where China and Russia are currently ahead. The Cyber Mission Force’s struggles are also a cautionary tale for the Trump Administration’s plans to stand up a separate Space Force.

Now comes the hard part.

“While achieving Full Operational Capability of these teams was an important milestone, it certainly is not an end state,” testified Lt. Gen. Stephen Fogarty, head of Army Cyber Command, which provides 41 of the 133 teams. Now CYBERCOM and its four service components — Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine — have to figure out exactly what a team needs to do its mission, the specific training required, and how to measure readiness.

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