Cyber Protection Brigade welcomes new leader

Cyber Protection Brigade welcomes new leader

The U.S. Army Cyber Protection Brigade welcomed a new commander earlier this week.

Col. Paul T. Stanton relinquished command to Col. Michael L. Hammerstrom during a change of command ceremony held Oct. 2 at the Barton Field reviewing stand.

Maj. Gen. John W. Baker, Network Enterprise Technology Command commanding general, presided over the ceremony.

Stanton had served as the CPB commander since June 2016, just two years after it was officially established. His next assignment will be with U.S. Cyber Command at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Baker said that Stanton’s time in command reminded him of a Native American proverb that says nothing lasts forever except the sky and the rocks.

“As we stand here, the legacy of your hard work is transcended onto the Soldiers, the noncommissioned officers, the officers, and the DoD civilians you successfully led these past two-plus years, and their capability remains like the sky and rocks,” Baker said.

He went on to list some of Stanton’s accomplishments, describing them as “groundbreaking.”

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