Cyber Quest becomes staple at Fort Gordon

Cyber Quest becomes staple at Fort Gordon

Capt. James Williams III
U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence Public Affairs

Fort Gordon is known for its long lineage of being the home of the Army Signal Corps and Regiment. Recently it has also become home to the Army’s newest branch, the Cyber Corps. The Signal Center of Excellence grew into the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence, which now serves as the Army’s training component for signal, cyber, and electronic warfare career fields.

Although training communicators and cyber warriors is a big part of the Cyber CoE’s mission, it also has the responsibility to develop and integrate new cyber and communications solutions for the Army writ large. This is where the Cyber CoE’s Capabilities, Development, and Integration Division, or CDID, comes into play. CDID runs an internal cyber battle lab that is informed on the Army’s capability gaps.

The battle lab then solicits industry and academia for emerging technologies in efforts to satisfy the Army’s requirements. One of the tools that the battle lab uses to accomplish this is a field training and experimental exercise called Cyber Quest.

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