‘Desperate Need For Speed’ As Army Takes On Chinese, Russian, ISIS Info Ops

‘Desperate Need For Speed’ As Army Takes On Chinese, Russian, ISIS Info Ops

The Army wants to expand its fledgling cyber branch into an information warfare force that can do everything from jamming insurgent radio stations to fighting Chinese cyber espionage and protecting US elections from online subversion.

It’s a tremendous task, even within the Army — and the implications of information operations go far beyond the military, touching sensitivities central to a democracy. At a minimum, the service’s new strategy requires:

  • Reorganizing Army Cyber Command into an Information Warfare Command, at the same time as it relocates its HQ from Fort Belvoir outside DC to Fort Gordon, South Carolina, just 10 miles from here.
  • Creating new units and staffs at a time when the Army is still struggling to train enough tech-savvy soldiers to man prototype cyber units it just created to blend digital and physical combat in what it calls Multi-Domain Operations.
  • Bringing together disparate disciplines, from cyber warfare to psychological operations, from public affairs to military deception.

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