DreamPort one step closer to coming to USC Aiken

DreamPort one step closer to coming to USC Aiken

Article originally written by Shawn Cabbagestalk, Summarized by The Alliance for Fort Gordon

New life could be breathed into an empty tract of land on a local college campus.

“We do see more complex, more capable treats that are out there that require additional asset sometimes to be applied in order to quote, defend our network from those type of actors,” South Carolina Adjutant General Major General Van McCarty told NewsChannel 6 when discussing cyber threats in the Palmetto State.

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  1. From a CSRA potential business perspective, this is very encouraging. One company, 178 employees, with 100 re-locating to CSRA/Augusta/Ft. Gordon. Consider their collective salaries in the upper 60K/per year or more, and potential for contributing to the tax base, local food, clothing, housing, utilities, and other associated business enterprises, and this becomes the essence of our growth, and the support of very important industries.
    From a governmentaal perspective, this provides the justifcation (at least partially) for improvements to infrastructure, such as widening and improving roads, realigning traffic patterns, planning for future residential and commercial plots in unincorporated areas, and anticipated growth in the tax base for schools, and emergency services.
    Thank you CSRA Alliance for providing the information in detail as to which companies are coming to our community, and providing the Governor’s welcome and encouragement. May the surrounding munincipalities welcome our new neighbors, and support them in integrating into and contributing to, our shared peace and prosperity.

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