Editorial: Drop pension tax to keep retired military in Ga

Editorial: Drop pension tax to keep retired military in Ga

Military service is about sacrifice, from the moment a soldier, sailor or airman enters basic training until the day he or she leaves the ranks.

Military retirees shouldn’t have to sacrifice a portion of their hard-earned reward once they return to civilian life.

The Georgia General Assembly is considering a bill that would exempt military pensions from state income tax. Two local House representatives, Bill Hitchens and Jesse Petrea, introduced the legislation at the session’s open last month, and action on the bill is expected soon.

Lawmakers are ramping up their activity this week. The first three weeks under the gold dome were listless: the first week was consumed by the installation of new leadership, including Gov. Kemp; the second week saw the unveiling and review of the governor’s proposed budget; and the third week was largely lost do to a winter storm threat and Super Bowl festivities.

The lack of activity hasn’t dampened Hitchens or Petrea’s enthusiasm for the pension bill. This is the third time the tax exemption has been proposed, and the duo and four other co-sponsors have made its passage a lead talking point.

Or, in military parlance, a frontal assault.

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