Fort Gordon stood ready to assist relief efforts

Fort Gordon stood ready to assist relief efforts

Prepared for Hurricane Florence in the event it would strike the Central Savannah River Area, Fort Gordon was spared from its wrath. And while requests for relief by areas directly impacted were minimal, the installation stood ready to assist.

“Fort Gordon is always prepared for any kind of emergency that may take place; not just hurricanes, but we deal with natural disasters – tornadoes, flooding, fire – any kind of domestic incident that may take place,” said James Millwood, unit service coordinator, Army Community Service.

Personnel in the Fort Gordon Information Operations Center began closely monitoring the hurricane’s path Sept. 10, days before it made landfall.

“We make sure that Fort Gordon is prepared by making sure that … all things that protect the installation are done much like community members would be doing,” said Thomas Fitzpatrick, Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security director.

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