Here’s how the Army is grooming an elite cadre of (electronic) cyber soldiers

Here’s how the Army is grooming an elite cadre of (electronic) cyber soldiers

The Army believes integration will be the key to winning in the high tech environments of the future, and to do so the service is building a force that will be well versed in cyber, electronic warfare, signal and information operations.

One of the Army’s first moves toward this end is the transition of electronic warfare officers into the cyber branch.

“That’s important because it takes them out of being a functional area specialist into an operational branch,” Maj. Gen. John Morrison, commander of the Army Cyber Center of Excellence, told Fifth Domain during an August interview.

This staff will act as cyber planners providing commanders with options on the battlefield in cyber and electromagnetic spectrum.

For cyber, this means everyone will have the same baseline training, but the high-end and most specialized forces will filter into the cyber mission force, U.S. Cyber Command’s forces of action.

“You’re going to have a tactical cyber force that can also conduct electronic warfare to include electronic attack and then you’re going to have the cyber mission force,” Morrison said.

Electronic warfare personnel transitioning to the cyber branch, for the most part, will not go the cyber mission force, Capt. Stephen Rogacki, aide-de-camp to the commandant of the Army Cyber School, told Fifth Domain during an August visit to Fort Gordon. If they are assigned to the cyber mission force, they will then receive the joint training in addition to their electronic warfare specific training.

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