Here’s how the Army plans to visualize cyberspace

Here’s how the Army plans to visualize cyberspace

The Army is kicking off its program for a tactical cyber tool that will allow the commander to not only visualize, but also understand the cyber environment within their battlespace.

Cyber Situational Understanding, or SU, is currently looking for vendors to demonstrate technologies on their own dime, using a variety of realistic test environments to show how they work. Currently, the Army plans to award a contract in March 2020.

Timothy Coen, project lead for Cyber SU, told Fifth Domain in an October interview that a tactical commander is usually worried about maneuvering forces on the battlefield, not typically the non-physical elements that can affect that movement. But with cyber being a critical component in future conflicts, commanders will need to understand how it factors into their battle plans.

“How do we put that on a picture, a map, somewhere that you can understand and say in your planning and in your execution, ‘Here’s a threat you face; here’s the risk level’ — and how does that translate to the impact on the mission that someone is trying to complete in physical space,” he said.

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