How the Army is competing with Google for these ninjas

How the Army is competing with Google for these ninjas

One of the Army’s most urgent, ongoing cyber fights is for talent and it’s hauling out some new weapons, like bringing in new officers in ranks up to colonel to be cyber ninjas and offering big bonuses across the cyber force.

Direct officer commissions at high ranks are now being considered in Congress for all the services to build up their cyber capabilities, Army officials say. That and hefty cash incentives are part of the Army’s strategy to bring in and keep people with high-demand cyber skills at a time when the civilian unemployment rate for them is essentially zero, the officials say.

The Army is looking at more money for much of its cyber force, and working through authorization for direct officer commissioning for talented civilians at ranks through colonel, said Lt. Gen. Stephen Fogarty, the new commander of Army Cyber Command. He spoke Thursday at an Army Cyber + Networks event at the Association of the United States Army in Arlington, Virginia.

Accession bonuses of $40,000 for direct commissioned officers are being considered and may be in place in the next calendar year, Army officials confirmed to Army Times on Friday.

“High-end operators” can earn as much as $72,000 in selective retention bonuses, and senior NCOs get up to $100,000 for agreeing to a four-year commitment.

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