Program sets transitioning Soldiers up for success

Program sets transitioning Soldiers up for success

Sgt. Al’maad Gardner was uncertain of what he wanted to do following his Army career. That changed shortly after he enrolled in the Army Career Skills Program (CSP). Gardner, a surgical technician with Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center, will transition from the military into the civilian workforce as a tower technician later this month since completing seven weeks of training with Airstreams Renewable Inc., at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Gardner’s official separation date from active duty is Jan. 7, but his terminal leave will begin Tuesday, enabling him to begin his new career Nov. 25. All of this is possible thanks to the CSP.

Established by U.S. Army Installation Management Command as part of the Soldier-for-Life Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP), the CSP prepares transitioning Soldiers for civilian employment through apprenticeships, on-the-job training, job shadowing, internships, and employment skills training.

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