Research, private investment could lie ahead for Georgia Cyber Center

Research, private investment could lie ahead for Georgia Cyber Center

Research programs could be the basis for the next phase at Georgia Cyber Center and the center’s environment and Augusta itself are attractive for more investment from cyber firms.

As he looks to the next phase for the Georgia Cyber Center, Augusta University President Brooks Keel thinks research and graduate education could be the key while being careful to preserve the “ecosystem” of collaboration among university, military and industry partners.

At least one mayor cyber intelligence firm looking to move into the center believes Augusta’s “recipe” of training, education and shared facilities, and the city’s relatively low cost compared with other cyber hubs, are attractive for more investment. That mix is what made the center instantly appealing to BAE Systems, a global defense, aerospace and security company based in Arlington, Va., with more than 83,000 employees, said Peder Jungck, the vice president and general manager of its Intelligence Solutions business.

When he first saw what was going on and the services and facilities available there, he remarked, “Oh my gosh, here you have it,” he said. “The recipe was just incredible.”

Having been a CEO in Silicon Valley, the kind of shared resources and shared responsibilities that made that work are in play here and are the right way to build it, Jungck said. The same is true for those who are developing cloud-based businesses and artificial intelligence, he said.

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