Scuttlebiz: Army Cyber Command mulls name change

Scuttlebiz: Army Cyber Command mulls name change

By any definition, “cyber” is a pretty broad term.

But not broad enough for the Army, apparently.

Unless you’re an avid consumer of inside-baseball military media, you may not have heard the news: Army Cyber Command is considering changing its name.

Yes, the same Army Cyber Command scheduled to relocate to Fort Gordon by next year. The same Army Cyber Command you’ve read about on a near-weekly basis in this newspaper for the past five years. The same Army Cyber Command that – depending on who is talking – will do everything from bring thousands of new jobs in town to spark a wholesale transformation of the regional economy.

That Army Cyber Command.

Its commander, Lt. Gen. Stephen G. Fogarty, has been hinting at a name change for months, most recently at the Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association 2019 Army Signal Conference in March.

He believes the term “cyber” is simply too narrow to define the duties it performs – now and in the future. He prefers something along the lines of “Army Information Warfare Operations Command” or “Army Information Warfare Dominance Command.”

“I’m not sure that is the term we want to use, although we are open minded,” Fogarty said at the conference.

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