‘Tatooine,’ remote site for defense cyber experts opens in Augusta

‘Tatooine,’ remote site for defense cyber experts opens in Augusta

Defense Digital Service, a unique unit within the Department of Defense working on highly technical problems, celebrated opening an office Wednesday in Georgia Cyber Center.

Brett Goldstein remembers when it became real for him that he was working for the Department of Defense.

The computer scientist and product of Silicon Valley was asked to travel to Afghanistan and suddenly found himself in a Black Hawk helicopter among the troops.

“When you do that, and you see our active duty service members out there, protecting the U.S., it makes it exceptionally real,” said Goldstein, now the director of Defense Digital Service. “And real in a way that I didn’t understand before doing that, and real in the way, as someone who is in the middle of their career, said I want to do something that is going to serve my country and add value.”

The service held a grand opening Wednesday for its first remote office outside the Pentagon as it unveiled space dubbed Tatooine in the Georgia Cyber Center. The name is from Luke Skywalker’s home planet in the “Star Wars” movie series and there are references to the films throughout the offices that add to the nerdy vibe, a vibe they embrace. “These are the nerds y’all are looking for,” a play on a famous line from one of the Star Wars movies, is on a sign outside the door to the Tatooine office.

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