The U.S. Army In Cyberspace

The U.S. Army In Cyberspace

U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) is the Army headquarters beneath United States Cyber Command. We operate and defend Army networks and deliver cyberspace effects against adversaries to defend the nation.

ARCYBER conducts global operations 24/7 and has 16,500 Soldiers and civilians spread across four states and five regional cyber centers around the world.

Fighting in cyberspace requires the focused engagement of a fully-integrated, technically-proficient workforce that understands how to utilize both cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum to complete the mission.

The Army has among its force elite cyber operators who defend Army networks and provide full-spectrum cyber capabilities to joint and Army missions, and rapidly develop cyberspace capabilities and tools to equip our force for the future fight.

The Army’s cyber force is engaged in the real-world cyberspace fight today, against near-peer adversaries, ISIS, and other global cyber threats. We defend military networks, secure Army weapons platforms, and help protect critical U.S. infrastructure.

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