Two Six Labs grows in Georgia Cyber Center

Two Six Labs grows in Georgia Cyber Center

An innovative defense and national security contractor, Two Six Labs, has started out small but is expecting to grow within a year at the Georgia Cyber Center.

Preventing hackers from attacking the U.S. military or stealing credit card information are some of the missions embraced by a company now rapidly growing inside the Georgia Cyber Center.

Two Six Labs recently opened an office in the center’s Cyber Valley shared workspace but already is planning to move upstairs to more permanent space in the Shaffer MacCartney Building and grow from five current employees to 20 within the next year or so, said President and CEO Chris Greamo. Augusta is the seventh office the company has opened, and it has grown from 40 employees when it was created as a spin-off of another company to 160 now, Greamo said.

As primarily a defense and national security contractor, the company looks to hire people coming out of those sectors, so being in Augusta puts it in good position, Greamo said, especially as U.S. Army Cyber Command finishes moving its headquarters to Fort Gordon next June.

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