What changes could be ahead for cyberwarriors?

What changes could be ahead for cyberwarriors?

After several years of employment, officials believe now is the time to make adjustments to the Department of Defense cyberwarriors’ training and teams.

“We’re at a point in our maturity with the cyber mission force that it is time to go back in and review a couple of different things,” Maj. Gen. John Morrison, the commander of the Army Cyber Center of Excellence, told Fifth Domain during an interview in August.

There is broad consensus across the force that training needs to be re-evaluated.

Lt. Gen. Stephen Fogarty, commander of Army Cyber Command, also told Fifth Domain in an August interview that U.S. Cyber Command’s commander has directed a review of the way forces are trained.

“The training model [that] got us to where we built the force, is that the model that is optimal for the future operating force now?” he said. “As we’re reviewing training, we’ve got to review the operational construct because we think operations drives everything else: are the teams sized right, are the work roles right, is the training right to deliver the operational requirement that we’ve been tasked to provide?”

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